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History Highlights

From Turk Kulturu ve Tarihi - Turkish Culture and History

Turkish History Highlights in Alphabetical order:


Akdamar Island The Unique island located on the Van lake

Anatolian Civilisation Museum The best museum houses the valuable ruins of the civilisations in Turkey

Aspendos Theather The best preserved antic theather in Turkey

Blue Mosque The famous Sultanahmet mosque known as Blue Mosque because of its tiles

Bodrum The town where one of the seven wonders of the world is located and life goes on 24 hours

Bodrum Castle The exceptional casstle of Bodrum with the underwater museum

Bosphorus The water way where Asia meets Europe

Capadocia Unique area famous of her fairy chimneys

Celcius Library The masterpiece of Ephesus antic city

Cifteminareli Medrese The wonderfull ruin of the religious school from the 11th century

Dalyan Natural beauty where Koycegiz river meets the Mediterranean sea

Derinkuyu Underground City The biggest secret underground city of Capadocia area

Didyma Bigest Temple in Aegean region

Diyarbakır Ulu Mosque The masterpiece of the city

Diyarbakır City Walls Explore the city what she can offer more

Dolmabahce Palace The palace where Ataturk died

Ephesus The best preserved antic city ruins in Turkey

Gordion Have you heard of the famous King Midas ?

Göreme Open-air Museum Secret cave churches with unique frescoes

Grand Bazaar The huge bazaar complex from the Ottoman period with more than 4000 shops

Harran The first University in history

Hasankeyf Shortly these exceptional ruins will be underwater...

Hattusas The capital city of the Hittites

Hipodrome The center of the city of Constantinapolis

Horse of Troy The famous legendary : Trojan Horse

Ihlara Valley The natural miracle of Capadocia

Ishakpasa Palace The masterpiece of east Anatolia

Istanbul The center of Turkey !!!

Kaymaklı Underground City The most famous underground city of Capadocia

Konya The house of Mevlana and the Dancing Derwishes

Meiden Tower Greets you on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Mardin The secret value of Turkey

Marmaris The famous town for sun sea and sand

Mouseleum of Ataturk The monument where the founder of Turkey is burried

Nemrut Do not miss the sun rise, the masterpiece of Southeast Anatolia

Pergamon Top antic city famous with her theather and library

Perge The antic site famous with her stadium and baths

Prienne The fist city planns have been implemented in this antic site

Safranbolu The orginal Turkish style wooden houses

Sardis The capital city of the famous Lidian civilisation where the first coin was printed in history

St Sophia The Masterpiece of Istanbul from the 5th century

Suleymaniye Mosque The most famous product of the ottoman architect Mimar Sinan

Sumela Monastery The secret monastry and the masterpiece of Trabzon area

Trabzon St Sophia Just explore and feel the piecefull athmosphere

Troy The city of the Trojan Horse

Topkapı Palace Ottoman's center where the Sultans lived and reigned

Uchisar The natural castle of Capadocia

Underground Water Cisterne The antic water depo ffrom the 4th century

Yazılıkaya The exceptional ruins from the Hitites

Zeugma The unique mosaics will be underwater shortly !!

Zelve The center of Capadocia

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